Sustainable Marine Resources

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Cippitelli Maurizio
Pancenco Vitalie
Pancenco Iulian

Generma has developed a modular and floating energy converter device, with higher efficiency, lower lead-time and production costs, that enables the production of electricity from sea and ocean waves.

With its international patent, the startup designs and builds highly productive wave energy converters with a minimum environmental impact, that are also 100% removable and modular to the characteristics of the installation areas.

meet the startup

Generma was founded in 2016 with the aim of developing devices capable of transforming the power of the sea and its waves into electricity. In the perspective of renewable energy, wave motion has been the ugly duckling of the family in the past. But, as in the fairy tale, it is turning into a fantastic swan.

Simple and Effective Technology

Generma is creating a converter focused on efficiency, with remarkable resistance against marine weathering and optimised production. All at low cost for the customer. The components are produced in series, and therefore identical to each other. By schematising production, production costs are radically lowered. The hull is a very simple structure, easy to assemble and maintain. All sections of the converter are identical to each other, joined and movable. Simplicity in the service of the environment.

Prototypes and Path

Generma’s path has been atypical, CEO Maurizio Cippitelli tells us: “We have been completely self-financed, perhaps slowing the speed of development but guaranteeing remarkable technological validation.” At the moment the prototype is capable of 5kW but the Generma team is working on the next 50kW prototype.

Generma’s founding trio consists of the experienced entrepreneur Maurizio and two engineers, father and son. They are joined by a naval architect, a mechanical engineer and an electrical engineer.

From Faros to the Future

Faros arrived at the right time to seize the target they had set themselves, doing a technical test with the necessary visibility and then to focus on finding investors and eventually marketing. After the test with the Port System Authority of the Ionian Sea – Port of Taranto, it will be necessary to realise the next prototype and engage the competition from a financial and marketing point of view.

Energy has no set borders and neither does the Generma project. Starting in Italy, Maurizio and his team want to take the converters all over the world.