Smart Ports & Green Shipping


Guillaume Bogaert, Founder & CEO
Fabio Baiardo, CTO
Daniela Bavuso, Marketing Manager

The increasing complexity and interconnection of resources and information in today’s global landscape highlight a key challenge: ensuring safety, security and optimised management in supply chains while developing a more sustainable approach, especially in maritime transport. (SOURCE: McKinsey & Company, Future-proofing the supply chain, 2023).

Celesta addresses these needs by developing technology solutions that combine the Internet of Things (IoT) with the care of people, goods and the environment. These solutions are designed not only to prevent damage, but also to reduce waste and negative environmental impact.

meet the startup

Celesta is a 4.0 logistics company that offers insurance protection for global shipments through its ‘active and connected’ seal. Thousands of containers are damaged each year. The start-up offers a solution that monitors the goods’ journey in real time, guaranteeing their integrity and reducing the risks associated with manual operations.


Celesta originated from the need to locate workers during emergencies inside the Mont Blanc tunnel, evolving into an IoT solution for logistics tracking. The intuition to combine IoT with data encryption and an electronic lock led to the creation of the innovative seal.

This connected seal harnesses the potential of the IoT to provide certified data and continuous verification of the physical integrity of containers. Not only innovative, but also sustainable, the seal is designed to be fully compostable and made from organic, plant-based plastics.


Celesta is committed to protecting the marine ecosystem through the integration of artificial intelligence and big data analysis to optimise shipping routes and provide greater control over the transport of goods. The start-up can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution associated with maritime transport, as well as provide an ecological and safe solution through the eco-friendly seal.
The implementation of these solutions can improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of logistics operations within ports.


The acceleration path within Faros was inspiring and stressed how technology should be a means to solve real problems.
Integrating sustainability into the early stages of product design was a challenge, but the start-up is now ready to use the experience it has gained to continue innovating and making a positive impact on the industry.