Smart Ports & Green Shipping


Davide Lorenzi, CEO
Massimo Luminari, Technical Manager
Antonio Lotti, CFO
Marco Fontana, Sales Manager

Providing sustainable and clean energy in port and coastal environments, without resorting to complex offshore infrastructure, is difficult and expensive (SOURCE: PIANC, Report on Renewable and Energy Efficiency for Ports, 2019).

Dock Power designs unique docks that use the physical principle of ‘diffraction’ to allow wave motion to pass through the structure, thereby generating electricity and reducing the environmental impact of port energy infrastructure.

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Dock Power stands out for its innovative dock concept, which is unique in today’s world: by dissipating wave energy, it facilitates the flow of water by enhancing its natural circulation and avoiding harmful alterations to the infrastructure.

This approach allows the infrastructure to absorb wave energy, which can be recovered through an integrated mechatronic system and converted into renewable energy.


The idea underlying Dock Power stems from 20 years of experience in the infrastructure and renewable energy sector. Bringing together economic, design, engineering and innovation expertise, the Dock Power team has set out to find sustainable solutions for riverbank defence.

The main focus is to establish a new standard in the industry that goes beyond simply creating protected mooring areas, by implementing structures that guarantee functionality while also respecting the balance of the surrounding ecosystem.


Dock Power offers a sustainable infrastructure that preserves coastal ecosystems and contributes to a positive energy balance. The startup’s solution aims to improve water quality in harbour areas, protect and preserve coastlines by reducing erosion and, at the same time, generate renewable energy by harnessing wave power.


Participating in the Faros acceleration programme was a significant turning point for Dock Power. The team found not only an opportunity for professional growth but also a valuable way to sharpen its focus and expand its network of contacts. Together with Eni Joule, the start-up drew up a feasibility study at the ENI site in Taranto for the construction of a mooring buoy integrated with a wave energy production system.

Participating in Faros posed a challenge for the startup, leading the team to rethink its business approach and revise its business plan. This change in perspective has been essential for the company’s growth path.

Dock Power is currently in the product validation phase, with a view to entering the national and international markets.