Smart & Intermodal Port

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Paolo Sabatino CEO
Rossana Turi CMO

Extesa provides XR solutions for large industrial applications, offering immersive experiences to improve production efficiency.

The startup’s technology reconstructs, by a tailor-made design, the XR training sessions and risk situations, and simulates complex scenarios to train the operators in a safe and engaging way.

It also provides real-time access to data and information in order to optimize the processes on field.

meet the startup

Extesa is built on the experience of Paolo and Rossana, the company’s founders who have worked for 20 years in the fields of software and digital communication. While the duo focuses on different areas of expertise – with Rossana specialising in marketing and communications, and Paolo on technology – they both originate from the Southern Italian region of Apulia and share a profound connection to the local territory and institutions. Their team is completed by two 3D-artists, while also welcoming new applicants.

The vision

Their venture into VR and AR has been driven by their passion for technology, as well as by the potential of new instrumentation and devices to support both businesses and everyday life.

Extesa is characterised by a “glocal” business vision, which is both globally inspired and connected to Taranto and its territory, where security and the environment are held in high value.

Rather than tackling VR and AR from just a marketing perspective, Extesa has approached the industrial sector in order to support both trainees and experienced workers. The company began by developing immersive solutions for risk prevention simulations, to train the staff in handling fire drills and similar scenarios. Evidence from neuroscientists shows that this type of virtual learning is more effective than traditional methods.

From Faros to the Future

For Extesa, the opportunity to join the Faros initiative is the company’s first experience with an accelerator. “[Faros] is helping us in shaping our idea, which was slightly foggy in the beginning. We had not thought of a very well-defined business plan” CMO Rossanna Turi says.

Through the mediation of Faros, Extesa has been selected by the Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea – Port of Taranto to conduct a pilot project in the development of an immersive tour of the port. The project will begin as a simple promotional tool for the port of Taranto, but with the idea of including data collection information as well as the entire digital network of the harbour system.

The company has set the future objective of providing industries with interdisciplinary and interfunctional technologies, with Extesa becoming a technological hub in which innovators may exchange ideas and develop new solutions.